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30 Days to Healthy Living

One of my aims in life is to strive to put health first, naturally. Thats why I am thrilled to be an Independent consultant for Arbonne International as I found their philosophy to be very similar to mine. Arbonne is committed to Healthy Living Inside & Out, today more than ever. They are are proud to provide safe and effective products to support a healthy lifestyle and your holistic journey in wellness.

In addition, Arbonne is proud to be a Certified

B CorporationTM. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

The MIND.BODY.SKIN Approach 

Using healthy living to improve MIND. BODY. SKIN. It is very much all connected. 

The health of one affects the health of another, and that’s what I love about it. As a therapist I have very much identified and treat the body as one whole, no part works in isolation. 

I also very much believe and it is supported by scientific evidence that most disease starts in the gut. Have a healthy gut, have a healthy mind, a healthy body and look great and most importantly feel well in yourself. 

That’s why I love the 30 Days to Healthy Living. It is designed to help each person identify how they can choose to use food as fuel for their bodies to optimise how they look and feel, inside and out. It will help you to identify any foods that you are eating that might not be serving your body well. 

The goal is to help you tune in to the messages that your body is sending so that you can eat and drink more intuitively, giving your body the nutrients that it needs to function optimally. 

The programme will also help support a balanced gut. So much of the body’s overall wellbeing is controlled by our gut, so supporting this area of our body will help optimise how we feel as well as how we look. 

The programme is also designed to help us feel more confident in ourselves. When we are rested and working to reduce feelings of stress, then we are better able to care for ourselves. A positive mindset can also impact our confidence because when you feel good physically and mentally, you look good too!

It is important to be aware that while on this plan, some foods will be limited or avoided. The Arbonne nutrition products paired with the plan help to provide nutrients for health and energy. At the end of your 30 day reset, you will begin to reintroduce the foods to help support the benefits you have achieved or you may realise that these food groups don’t actually agree with you. 

Designed For: 

  • People who want to optimize their health and perhaps lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Athletes who want to increase performance, strength, energy, and muscle definition.
  • People who want to uncover food sensitivities.
  • People experiencing fatigue, foggy thinking, poor sleep, poor digestion, excess weight.

If you are reading this, more than likely you are intrigued and interested in learning about the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program and to make the change for your health. You might be thinking to yourself, THIS sounds like something I should do. Well, look no further. This program is very simple to follow, offering you a step by step guideline to a living healthy with me as your coach.

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